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Broken Horn D Ranch is located in Prescott, AZ. Dave Pawel and Kim McElroy raise heritage breed Corriente cattle and produce Criollo beef that meets the USDA standards for Grass Fed, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Animal By-Products. All the beef comes from animals born and raised on the ranch, spending their days in range pastures grazing on native grasses and browse. Cattle are handled quietly from horseback and are processed locally at Perkinsville Processing in Chino Valley, an ADA-inspected slaughter facility. Beef is available on the hoof, whole, or half carcass. Individual cuts are for sale at the ranch, delivered locally and at the Prescott Farmers Market. Criollo beef comes from cattle of Spanish origin. These cattle are especially well adapted to the hot, arid Arizona climate. Their muscle fibers are fine, like buffalo or elk, making the meat tender and incredibly delicious. Kim is also a BQA Certified Producer, further verifying the ranch operates by the highest industry standards for humane handling and care of the cattle. Dave and Kim are passionate about their cattle (and horses), and being good stewards of the land.

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