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It all began with a desire to grow our own everything. To be as self sufficient as possible. Experimenting with seed companies, varieties, when to plant, how much to plant and what can tolerate heat and cold our family garden was well on its way. When our onion order was placed we did calculations and ordered based on what we wanted to yield in June. Well, we over ordered and for two long days with the enlisting of family help we planted every single one. As time passed it became abundantly clear we were going to have more than we needed. So my husband quickly calculated just how many pounds we would harvest in June. Well, long story short it turned out to be about 3000 pounds. As our onion harvest grew so did our love for farming and sharing our crop. We are Certified Naturally Grown Family operation on 2 and 1/2 acres. We are a wholesale operation, though we will never turn away a walk-in. We are passionate about what we grow. Growing, handling and delivering not only a beautiful product but a great tasting product to our customers is our priority. Thank you for buying our produce!

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