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Good Life Valley Farm is springing into its SEVENTH annual CSA with its purpose being more prevalent than in previous years. With rising fuel and food costs, participating in a local food movement where food is safe, organic, and economical for both farmer and consumer is important and Good Life Valley Farm is excited to introduce yet more options for its members for 2012. We are offering a website for members to exchange recipes and ideas and will help to organize workshops that will address food preserving and storing, flower arranging, and more! We seek a tight-knit community of members who don't only want food but who want to participate in an ecological and environmental movement that is quickly becoming more than just another way to be progressive, it's becoming necessary. There is also room for growth at Good Life Valley Farm for those individuals with special needs and their caretakers as we will be starting workshops for these individuals teaching them how to grow and harvest healthy food. Animals on the farm add to its energy. Life abounds at GLVFCSA! Call to find out more!

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