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Ardachy Farm was established in 2010. We focus on raising heritage breeds, using sustainable practices, all free range and raising just plain healthy, well rounded, nutritious foods! Our goal is to support our family with the finest quality foods and provide these same high quality products to our community and fellow lovers of good food and happy animals. We currently sell American Guinea Hog Pork (free range, fed organic feed, milk/whey from organically fed cow). AGH pork is unique in its exceptional marbling and rich flavor. You can really taste the difference. We have 1/2 and whole hogs available. The meat will be ready spring 2015. You reserve a piglet from this summers litter and we raise them to perfection! Processed at an organic certified facility without the use of nitrates. We also milk a Brown Swiss. Much of what she helps us produce from milk, cheese and whey go straight to the piggy trough! Making for some Whey-Good Pork!! Breeding stock of all our animals are available throughout the year as well. We will working on the formal application to become Certified Organic in the near future!

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