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Benham Farms has been in our family since the early 1800s and has seen 8 generations grow up and grow old on it, it is also quite unique in that the land has been traditionally passed down through the daughters. In the 70s and 80s when my father and grandfather farmed the land, they were a small diversified conventional farm raising horses, pigs, and angora goats, they also had a large garden and a roadside stand. The "get big, or get out" mentality and the addition of me into the family pushed my parents out of farming in the 90s and they began renting the land to a neighbor doing corn and soy conventionally. After nearly a quarter century of no one in my family farming the land my partner, Stanley McMurray and I have moved back and are in the process of converting it into a diverse, sustainable farm focusing on perennials, pasture raised meats and organically grown produce, while building the health and wealth of the soil as well as the community. Farm tours and internships are welcome during the growing season

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