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Bermaga Farm sets on 16 peaceful Acers of land in Montesano Wa. It is in a valley that is by the Whynochee River. Here we have 2 acres dedicated to flowers of Peony, Irisis and Chinese wisteria. Our purpose is to craft flower elixirs and essences for animals and people. Planted along the fence line are varieties of Crab apple trees and Cherry trees. We use the flowers for our elxirs as well. We have a small flock of sheep which we sheerer every year and make our Lulu's Dryer balls. No bleach or harsh detergents are used. Cut flowers are avaiable from mid May through August at our flower stand on the farm. We are kwon for our Peony, Irises, Cala Lillies. We grow herbs for our liniments and ointments. Everything we sale has the purpose ofr helping animals and people. We have a mind set of guardianship for this land and the animals that live on it. Internships, and farm tours available. Our farm is open to people wanting to come see our animals and learn about sustainable practices in the wool industry, learning about herbs and flowers. If our gates are closed just give us a call for a tour. 425-877-4824

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