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Corvus Landing Farm is located on the banks of Neskowin Creek, just 3 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. We grow delicious fresh produce, seasonal flowers, and veggie starts appropriate for coastal gardens. We focus on growing cool-season crops that thrive in our coastal climate, specializing in salad mix, root crops, and other greens. We sell our products through the Neskowin Farmers Market, a farm stand at the Lincoln City Hospital, and a 70-member CSA. We offer DIY and a la carte wedding flowers for your Oregon coast wedding. The farm has a priority of preserving and protecting the health of the land, with respect for the stream, forest, and animals that share its space. We carefully consider all decisions regarding soil tillage and amendment, water conservation, fertilization, pest and disease management, and the effect of the farm on wildlife habitat. We use exclusively organic methods, but choose not to certify at this time because of our small size. Responsible seed sourcing and stewardship help to maximize the sustainability and biodiversity of the farm.

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