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Farming for Flavor We are a small, diversified family farm passionate about raising healthy, well-loved, nutrient dense animals and produce. Grass-fed beef, pasture-raised meat chickens, free-range eggs, and corn/soy free heritage pork. Pasture-Raised Meat Chickens We raise Rainbow Ranger chickens for meat throughout the summer and fall. Raised and processed right here on the farm, they are moved daily on fresh pasture where they forage for bugs, worms, and grubs. They are also fed local non-GMO grains, spent grains from our local brewery, and milk from our grass-fed Jersey cow. They finish at approximately 4-6 pounds and their meat is succulent and flavorful. Frozen whole chickens are available year-round at the farm ($20/each). Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef Our cows are 100% grass fed and moved daily to fresh pasture in a regenerative, intensive rotational grazing system. We offer whole, half, and quarter shares ($3.99/lb hanging weight) as well as a 40lb box of mixed cuts ($360 each) From rib eye steaks and short ribs to chuck roasts, porterhouse steaks and ground beef, our pasture-raised beef is lean, succulent, and oh so full of flavor. Heritage Pork Our pigs are spoiled. They eat the very best of all the things. They are corn and soy free, fed non-GMO barley, brewer's grains, all the excess garden produce they can handle, and rich creamy milk and whey from our Jersey milk cow. We offer whole and half shares (approximately 160lb and 80lbs of meat, $2.99/lb hanging weight) including favorites like Italian sausage, cured hams, short ribs, breakfast sausage, thick pork chops, and bacon. Of course bacon. We also offer a 40lb box (approx. 1/4 share) of mixed cuts ($180 each). Our Medina County Fair award winning multi-colored Free-Range Eggs from our flock of happy, free-range, heritage laying hens are top-notch with creamy whites and dark orange yolks. Eggs are available year round ($4/doz). We also have limited Raw Milk Herd Shares available for raw grass-fed Jersey milk (beginning in July 2021). Please contact us for more information about herd share prices and practices. We sell seasonal produce from our roadside farm stand and are happy to give farm tours to visit our animals and operation and talk all things farming for flavor. Call us to set up a time to come visit the farm today!

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