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The Buckeye Valley Beef Cooperative is a group of Southern Ohio farmers that formed their own cooperative in 2016 in order to establish their farm-to-table network in the Ohio Valley Region. After collaborating on their individual farm practices, we quickly realized that our generational farming practices for raising beef met standards that exceeded what markets typically have to offer. In addition to the quality that locally-raised has to offer, it is also free of growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids and preservatives. At that point, it became our mission to provide a safe, local, healthy source of naturally raised beef, and at the same time, strengthen our local economy and preserve the traditions and heritage of family farms in our area. We would like to bridge the distance between our farmers and the local consumers in order to restore the trust in our food supply by providing our customers with superior tasting, naturally raised, responsibly fed local beef. In order to do so, we are working with four local IGA's around the Cincinnati area, the Ohio Valley Food Connection, as well as operating our own online store for farm-to-doorstep deliveries.

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