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I have pasture raised pork in the autumns semi-custom prepared for you. Pigs are feed an all natural diet, no antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. and left to roam free. Update For 2014. This is a very rough year and pigglets are rare and exspensive. Prices are due to increase 10 percent or more over last year. I am aiming at Oct. for the pork to be ready. To be insured a hog, I require a $100 deposit one month before they are finished. Pick up is at the farm in Dittmer, or slaugterhouse nearby. Minimum is whole hog 1.65 a pound live weight plus processing at around .65 a pound. Smoking fees extra Saughter fees $30 per hog,. Live weight finished is around 250 lbs. Now you don't have to drive an hour and a half from St. Louis, or pay Whole Paycheck prices for the best pork in Missouri.

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