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Angus Cattle Co is a family-owned operation that has a rich history of cattle ranching dating back several generations. My father, Andrew Arthur Sr., has over 40 years experience raising cattle. Growing up, I always looked forward to the giant semi trucks pulling into our drive with hundreds of new cattle. Unfortunately, to meet market demand, our family was forced to switch to crop farming during my teenage years. And, sadly, our family drifted away from the cattle business. In 2018, on break from college, I made a decision to bring it back. I had no happier times from my childhood than those I spent on the farm and around the livestock. I started my entrepreneurial journey purchasing 2 steers. Quickly, I was able to pre-sell the 2 steers for freezer beef. It didn?t take long before there were 20 head of cattle at the farm and the operation rapidly expanded. It's been a journey of blood, sweat and tears, and it's one I've put my whole heart into. But it's paid off in more ways than I can describe. Today, the Angus Cattle Co is hand-delivering freezer beef all across the midwest.

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