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Local, southwest Michigan family farm orchard specializing in apples including Honey Crisp, Granny Smith, Molly Delicious and McIntosh. 16 different varieties of apples near Diamond Lake in Cassopolis, Michigan (Cass County). The apple harvest begins around the first of September when the Gala, Molly Delicious and McIntosh varieties ripen and goes until November when the Cameo and Granny Smith are finished. Apples are tree ripened and then harvested by hand on a daily basis. The apples are cleaned on a state of the art wash line and then sorted for defects and put into bushels for transport to the apple shed. We try to keep at least three varieties in the shed at all times so that our customers can mix and match what they need. In 2018 we started with three hives of honey bees to naturally pollinate our apples and started spinning and bottling our own, local 100% honey. In 2021 we will be offering fruit wines and a tasting room.

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