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Bright Arrows Farm began as an idea, a hope, a work of love... With today's advances in science and accessible information, farming doesn't have to look like it did 200 years ago. Our passion, however, is to farm with the same values that have been passed from generation to generation in our family for nearly that long. We strive every day to make our future - our family's and your's - a future worth having. We long to see health returned; health for our land, our animals, and especially our bodies and the bodies of our future generations! That's why we do what we do. Some say that the mother of invention is necessity. In our case, it turned out to be allergies and dry skin. In 2008, our family set out on a journey to solve these problems - a journey of discovery, science, and healing. The result is a line of skin care products that will challenge your understanding of soap. We believe that every ingredient impacts the quality of the finished product. We use the finest ingredients we can find to make our skin-care products. Our choice of liquid is milk from our own grass fed goats because of its nutrients as well as the moisturizing effect of goat milk. Our soap is all natural. All of our scents are phthalate-free and paraben-free. We now offer a wide range of the best body care products available. Bright Arrows Farm exists to provide excellence. We realized in 2013 that, while we were already offering products to create completely clean skin, being wholly and truly CLEAN goes beyond skin deep. With that in mind we now also offer pastured, medication-free, heritage breed broilers (meat chicken). These birds live their entire lives outside soaking up vitamins from sunshine and grass, foraging and expressing themselves in the unique way only chickens do. The same holds true for our laying hens which produce rich, healthy, brown eggs. The grain we offer our birds free-choice to supplement their forage is custom mixed to ensure quality of ingredients. We also offer several beeves yearly that have a grass based diet and no antibiotics or hormones. Grass-fed meat rabbits can also be found at our farm as a highly sought-after delicacy! We also raise several goats each year in order to offer high quality chevon to our customers. Gardening is something that has been held near to our hearts for over 30 years. Everyone knows that there is nothing like fresh, organically grown vegetables that have been raised in real, loved, living soil. We now offer a select variety of heirloom vegetables along with herbs and fruit. We work hard not only to express our joy in what we do, but to bring you better body products, a better diet, a better you! We're making the world better by creating and growing products that are healthy, natural, and luxurious. Try Bright Arrows Farm products today and experience a healthy clean that your entire body will thank you for.

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