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Heritage breed, pasture raised, corn-free, soybean-free, non-gmo fed eggs. ~ Chickens, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Ducks, Quail ~ Show Quality Homestead Milkers ~ Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats ~ At Cascade Valley Heritage Farm, our focus is on preservation. That's why we raise heritage, and rare breeds of livestock that no longer "fit" into conventional agriculture, and are in danger of extinction. That's why we do our part to support family farms and farmsteads. And, that's why we farm with an eco-centric focus. Our animals are raised with sunshine on their faces and grass between their toes. The way it should be. Our laying hens spend their day roaming around 3 acres of pasture, searching for bugs in the grass, stretching out in the sun, and finding the perfect spot to take a dust bath. They also have access to their large coop for shade and shelter, with sleeping perches, nesting boxes, fresh water and food. Our flock can choose how they spend their time, and can enjoy just... being a chicken. We pride ourselves on raising healthy, happy chickens, and part of that is providing our flock with a non-GMO, corn-free, soybean-free diet, and free-choice supplemental calcium for strong eggshells, in addition to all the bugs and seeds they can find. Our flock is very diverse, with multiple distinct breeds. Some of the Heritage breeds that we keep include: Salmon Faverolle, Sebright, Delaware, New Hampshire, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Rhode Island Red. Other rare breeds in our flock include true Ameraucana, Black Copper Maran, Wellsummer, Lavender Orpington, Mille Fleur D'Uccle, and Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte. Happy, healthy hens create healthy, nutritious eggs. And we thank our girls everyday for sharing with us. We are in the process of creating a Regenerative Land Management plan, to help build the soil, sequester carbon, and promote wildlife on our property. We are lucky enough to be stewards of this land, and we want to do right by Mother Earth. In the future, we plan on adding heritage meat rabbits, heritage pigs, and heritage wool sheep to the farm. CDFA Egg Handler's License: CA-4796

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