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Angelica Bear Herb Farm is an enchanted piece of land with a flowing creek, marsh land, pond, fields and forest. Medicinal plants abound in all these locations. Fairies definately love dwelling here. Whenever I need a plant for medicinal toolkit, I call it in and like magic it appears in the garden. Amazes me constantly. The main garden encircles the old sheep and goat barn. Because of that it has foot deep black gold organic soil. A gardener's dream especially since the rest of the soil is RED clay. Vegetables love growing here and so do the herbs! My quandary is if I'm an herbalist how can I pull up the supposed "weeds" they are all MEDICINE!!! I sell at the Ashland Area and Bayfield Farmers Markets. We are still renovating our gardens since I was away from the farm for about ten years. I also sell handspun yarns, rugs made if wool yarns and fabric. My newest project are bags made out of recycled plastic grocery bags. I am also a tapestry weaver. I spin Navajo yarn for weaving and other wools for knitting. All natural colors or hand dyed on a wood stove. My herbal products include tinctures, infused herbal oils and salves. We are starting to produce dried herbs also. Farm tours and internships are available, also herb walks are scheduled through out the summer.

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