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Authorized distributor for Porter Farms Certified Organic CSA (Elba, NY) in the Medina-Middleport area. for prices and other information. They do not offer half-shares but we do. We coordinate "U-Pick and Putting-Up Parties" at more than 20 local farms in the Lake Plains region (south shore of Lake Ontario between Niagara Falls and Rochester). In 2008 we are starting a Restorative Farming/Youth Employment project on private land near Middleport. We expect to be able to offer flowers and herbs to our CSA customers this year, and will be donating most of the rest of the garden's production to local nursing homes and Meals On Wheels. At the landowner's request this gardenwill not be open to the public, but I can offer free summer rent and a small stipend to one or two apprentice/interns. We are seeking interested people to organize community farm/garden projects in the Brockport and Middleport areas. I am now writing grant proposals to fund the purchase or hire of specialized equipment for these projects and the purchase of land, and have pledged the donation of $5,000 in farm equipment and supplies as well as my own volunteer services. Dori Green Past VP and Organic Certification Board Member, NOFA-NY Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener There is a concentrated and sophisticated war being engaged against small farmers who practice alternatives to the dominant commercial paradigm. I am continuing to attempt to counteract that war by finding ways to make good, natural, sustainable food available to the people who need it most -- the aged, sick, or poor -- and those who recognize its full value and really want it.

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