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Life is all about food really. Good food. Real food. Fresh meat and eggs; hand-picked fruits, vegetables and nuts; home-processed sugars, herbs and spices. Farm life not only provides literal food but food for the soul as well: sit-spots and walking trails for meditation, opportunities for learning, inspiration for music and art. The diversity of our farm supplies nourishing foods and unique art materials as well as endless stimulation for writing, photography or music. At Glenreynie, we raise delicious produce from salad greens to popcorn and peanuts and we experiment with a variety of growing techniques and designs. We're continuing to fine-tune our maple syrup production and building a young but thriving apiary. We've also been working to improve our heritage breed Dorking chickens for their dual-purpose utility: we hope to add Buckeyes to the flock in the near future. Our website offers a glimpse of the wide variety of beautiful arts and gifts crafted from upcycled goods and sustainably harvested materials from the farm.

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