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Over the years, we were getting more and more leery of conventional commercial food. When we moved into a house which was on a 1/2 acre, we decided to plant a small garden so that we had some fresh vegetables. Paul jumped right in and loved this new hobby. Our little garden grew leaps and bounds every year until it filled up most of the backyard. We then added chickens, ducks, a turkey and then two goats to the mix. Our gardening style changed almost yearly as we tried to find the method that suited us best. We tried things like a food forest, hugelkultur, permaculture, traditional raised beds, plants on the flat soil, cover crops, composting, and much more. After talking to many friends and even strangers, it was evident that we were not the only who wanted "real" food .We finally decided that we had outgrown our 1/2 acre and we needed more space to grow food and raise animals. We sold our home and moved to 14 acres in the beautiful Willamette Valley where we would have space to produce naturally raised foods. Our goal is to use sustainable farming methods and to raise plants and animals as they were intended creating as natural of an environment for them as possible. These highly nutritious foods can then be passed onto you and your family so you can eat naturally as well. Currently, we have free range chicken eggs, pasture raised corn and soy free chicken meat as well as pasture raised corn and soy free rabbit meat for sale. We will be adding a lot more soon as we are just getting started!

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