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Burch Farms was originated in 1779 by Elliot Burch. The legacy of Burch Farms continues into its seventh generation. Here on the farm we primarily raise apples, grapes and peaches and have established partnerships with other local farmers that raise produce we do not raise ourselves. These partners help us deliver the freshest and most nutritious produce in Erie County. With an ever-changing agri-business, it is becoming more important to involve our community and create a more direct relationship from farm to table. Consumers help share the risk associated with farming and reap the benefits when productions are at all time high levels. Over the past 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has guaranteed customers a box of produce every week so local consumers don't miss out on the fruits and vegetables at the peak of each harvesting season. Burch Farms is offering a 20-week CSA membership program for our members to receive a box of fresh fruits and vegetables each week, from June (the start of strawberry season) through the end of October, offering customers the freshest and most nutritious fruits and vegetables week after week.

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