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Thank you for your interest in our farm! We are a highly diversified, sustainable farmstead located just north of Kokomo. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute highest quality grass-fed lamb and goat milk dairy products, artisanal goat milk soaps, beyond organic vegetables, pasture-raised soy free chicken and free range, soy free eggs! You will not find any GMO's or chemical inputs on our farm, which has been designated a pesticide drift-free zone. Our farm's mascot is Toots the peacock, who just randomly showed up here as we were moving in! Our farm's journey began in 2014 with the goal of getting back in touch with the land and becoming more self-reliant. We believe in raising and growing food the way God intended... in harmony with nature. All of our animals (sheep, dairy goats, chickens, and pigs) are allowed to freely graze lush pasture. Just as wild herbivores are continually moving through their habitat for fresh forage, our animals are moved into new sections of the pasture every few days. Mimicking this natural movement of animals greatly increases their health as well as the health of the soil and plants. Farming in a way that is modeled after nature corrects many of the problems associated with modern agriculture.

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