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Craine Creek Farm, LLC, is a new state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse grower in the heart of Baldwin County. We are committed to growing the safest, cleanest, and tastiest lettuces for local markets. Craine Creek Farm grows non-GMO lettuces and leaf without pesticides in state-of-the-art controlled environment hydroponic greenhouses. We have been successfully growing year round on the Gulf Coast supplying superior leaf to local restaurants, home chefs, farm markets, and buying clubs from Pensacola, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana, since 2012. Individuals may buy directly from the farm or may develop buying groups of friends and neighbors or co-workers. Local chefs, fresh farm markets, produce managers, and all interested parties are encouraged to contact the farm for an appointment to see for themselves the varieties we grow. Pictures are also posted on Facebook and our website. We would love to use our heads to supply you the tastiest leaf on the Gulf Coast. Our systems are computer-monitored 24/7 keeping the plants in optimum growing conditions that maintain nutritional needs of the plants. We have no need for herbicides and do not use pesticides, focusing on preventive measures. We are a small,family run boutique farm committed to high quality lettuces and salad greens. Contact us today. We would love to grow for you.

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