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Sales of Grass Fed & Finished Beef and Pasture Pork & Pasture Chicken Eggs & Poultry USDA PROGRAM Grass Fed & Finished Beef No growth hormones fed or used No antibiotic feed fed Meat CSA and sales of Whole 1/2 & 1/4 Beef 1/2 and whole hogs and At Behnke's Farm we under stand that many people just don't have the freezer space for a whole 1/2 or 1/4 animal that could be 150 to 600# of meat! We make it easy, for you to Buy what you like, if it's Ground Beef / Roasts/ Steak/ short Ribs Bacon pork chops Hams what ever you like ! All meat is Vacuum packaged in pre-weighted state Inspected packages . Each animal that we processed has a Farm Id number. Get your order in early Beef & Hogs must be ordered in advance to ensure availability. We use heritage breeds Beef and Hogs We have limited internship available please call for info. We are a working Farm please call and set up appointment..New for 2018 High tunnel Green House

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