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About DanDee Mango Farm: We sell: 1. Ripe Mangos 2. Green Mangos 3. Baby Green Mangos 4. Young green coconuts 5. Fully grown coconuts 6. Fruit trees 7. Succulent plants 8. Organic dry compost 9. Coconut palms 10. Mango Trees 11. Tamarind Trees 12. Papaya Trees 13. Habanero Pepper Plants 14. Black Pepper Vine 15. Jack Fruit Tree 16. Sugar-Apple Tree (Annona or Anon) 17. Barbados Cherry Tree 18. Orchid plants 19. Oregano Plants 20. Money Tree 21. Lemon Tree 22. Sour Orange Tree The 2021 Mango season harvest has ended. It was an early season this year. The mangos were beautiful, delicious and huge. Thank you to all of our friends, clients and supporters. DanDee Mango Farm 2021 Season: Price: Each mango is $3.00 per pound & the minimum purchase is $ 60.00 or 20 mangos. We are very grateful & happy our trees are so healthy & generous this year. Thank you to our clients, followers & friends. DanDee Mango Farm is a small and proud family owned mango farm in Florida. The trees are over 20 years old. Follow us on Instagram: DanDee mangos are organically grown & are allowed to grow fully to maturity on the tree. DanDee mangos are ripened on the tree with love from us & with unlimited amounts of south Florida sunshine. We do not use any chemicals, pesticides or non-natural substance on the trees, fruits or on any of the surrounding areas. Mango Season at DanDee Mango Farm: Our DanDee Mango Farm mango harvesting season varies by type of mango and the weather each year. In general it can extend from May to October. Mango Cultivars at DanDee Mango Farm: At DanDee Mango Farm we are proud to have five cultivars and varieties of mangos including Tommy Atkins, Haden, Kent, Valencia Pride & others. All of these cultivars are different & special in their own way, and it is hard for us to choose objectively a favorite mango type. DanDee Mango Farm mangos are 100% made in the USA & South Florida: Our DanDee Mangos are 100% local and natural mangos which are locally grown in Miami, South Florida, USA. Our mangos are shipped to you direct from our farm in Miami Dade County. Mango Harvest at DanDee Mango Farm: We only choose and ship what we believe is the best mangos in our farm. We look for clean, healthy, flavorful, sweet, fully grown and developed fruit. We personally pick, pack, and ship 100% of the fruit. Only Dan has personally harvested and picked all of the mangos over the past 9 years. We do this in order to protect the trees and the fruit from damage and injury during the picking process. Mango Sales at DanDee Mango Farm: We sell an 11lb box of mangos for estimated $65.00 to $75 (shipping is included cost depends on the location) This box usually includes 9 to 11 large mangos. We also sell locally in South Florida. Shipping is extra outside of the city of Miami. We can also discuss other quantities and types of sales. Please email or call us to discuss. Varieties are available at different times during the mango season. We ship each variety when we believe it is at its peak readiness. This varies depending on the year and weather. Upon arrival our mangos may need another 1-4 days to reach your desired ripeness.

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