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Award Winning Honey, Beeswax Candles, Natural Skin Care, Honey Bees and Live Bee Removal. Buy Direct from the Beekeeper and Support Local Bees! Beverly Bees makes award winning raw honey, handmade 100% pure beeswax candles and organic beeswax skin care from our organic and sustainably managed hives located across Massachusetts. Honey from each hive is spun and bottled separately allowing you to taste the unique flavors of that region. Our micro batch process allows each bottle of honey to be traced back to the individual hive that made it. Our local Massachusetts honey and honey comb won Two 2021, one 2020 and Two 2019 Good Food Awards. These national awards are for taste and sustainable beekeeping methods. Our honey also won BONS 2020 for best natural foods. Our Handcrafted 100% Pure Beeswax Candles are handmade by us with local beeswax. Our 100% pure beeswax candles burn slower, drip less, and burn brighter than other types of candles. They are the healthiest candle you can burn. Our Organic Beeswax Lip Balms, Lotions & Salves are handmade by us in small batches with all organic ingredients and our own local beeswax. We sell bees in the spring to those wanting to get started beekeeping and manage hives on properties for businesses and homeowners. We Save Bees, with our bee removal services, rescuing them from extermination! We work hard every day to save bees. We rehabilitate, care for and maintain these hives in pesticide free locations across Massachusetts where they pollinate our landscape, protecting our environment and local food supply. To date we have saved over 15,000,000 bees! Our products may be purchased at our Salem Store on Artists' Row, ordered online or by phone 978-778-8276 or email at [email protected].

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