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We began raising chickens because we wanted the most delicious and nutritious eggs possible. So we go "Beyond Organic" to a much higher standard. We chose to raise a variety of old-time, heritage breeds, rather than new "production" breeds. Our diverse little flock day-ranges, in the fresh air and sunshine, on lush, organic pasture. We planted their pasture with a wide variety of delicious grasses, clovers, herbs and wildflowers, all of which are known to be beneficial to chickens and their eggs. We use no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, ever. We treat our chickens with gentle kindness, not just because it's the right thing to do, but also because it's healthiest for our chickens, and therefore for us. We've taken the necessary steps to protect our flock from predators and inclement weather. We also have roosters, to guard and protect the hens and, of course, fertilize the eggs. One of the things that really sets our eggs apart is that our chickens eat only "real" food. These days, even the best organic "chicken feed" is made of cheap, low-quality ingredients and is highly processed. Synthetic nutrients must be added back into the feed, to replace the absent nutrients. In recent years, various toxins, including melamine and cyanuric acid, have been found in even the "best" organic brands. So we choose to avoid commercial "chicken feed" and instead offer our chickens a wide variety of human-grade, organic whole grains, seeds and legumes to complement the natural foods they find on their pasture. That way, we know our feeds are free of preservatives, synthetic supplements, and all other artificial ingredients. And, of course, our flock is hormone, antibiotic, chemical and drug-free. Our chickens drink pure, clean, untreated water from our private well, which is fed by the pristine snows of the Cascade Mountains. We believe you won't find higher quality, more delicious, or nutritious, eggs anywhere! In fact, if you don't agree that our BEYOND ORGANIC eggs are the best eggs you've ever eaten, we'll give you your money back! We invite you to visit us, meet our chickens, and see how they are raised on your next visit to the Methow Valley. And bring the kids! We're conveniently located. We just ask that you call first.

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