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Our farm is located in Carmel Valley, near the Tassajara Zen Center. We grow several varieties of lavender, including Grosso, and Royal Velvet. We also keep bees on the property to tend to the lavender, and make truly delicious lavender honey. Our lavender is grown 100% naturally. We use no artificial chemicals of any kind. Soil enrichment is done w/ composting. Lavender is very pest tolerant. But when there are problems, the plants are removed and replanted. We have an on-site distillery, extract rssential ools, and make a variety of products from our lavender. These include lotions, soaps, essential oils, dried lavender bouquets, lavender water, and sachets. Lavender distillation is done entirely on-farm so we ensure the process is kept completely natural. If you are a grower, we can distill essential oils for you. Bring your lavender to us. We steam distillation to remove the oils without the use of any artificial chemicals. Essential oils can require amsignificant quanity of lavender buds. Let us know what you have, and we can help you estimate the volume of oil to expect. Check our website for more information and product availability.

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