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At Carmen Glenn Farms, we offer the highest quality Certified Organic Black Angus beef. Our commitment and focus is the proper care and humane treatment of all of our herd. Our 100% grass-fed cattle enjoy calm settings on 110 acres of grass-rich pastures away from any distracting noises, lights or cell towers. They graze on certified organic grasses, as they did so many years ago. We are a small family owned business that devotes the extra time, care and energy it requires in raising these beautiful animals. Our pride is derived by producing the best and healthiest Non-GMO beef possible for our customers. The name Carmen-Glenn Farms comes from the first names of our fathers; Carmen Sergi and Glenn Morton. The Sergi family raised cattle and fruit crop in a small town in southern Italy. After migrating to the United States and Australia in the early 1920s, many family members continued their legacy of farming. The Morton family were Black Angus breeders, large crop farmers and owned the Morton Seed Company in West Central Illinois. Their Black Angus herds of several hundred cattle grazed on the lush pasture and fields located in the Mississippi River Basin, well-known for its rich black soil. Visit our website to learn more.

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