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I am a small farmer that has grass fed poultry and lamb for sale. Chicken is the main sale item. I raise them in a Salatin style "chicken tractor" and feed them all organic grains. I do have to buy protein supplement at the feed mill. However, I DO NOT use soymeal. I use fresh meat scraps to lessen the amount of feed mill supplements that I need. My chickens have plenty of chances to graze fresh grass and catch bugs as I move the tractor once or twice a day, giving them extra vitamins, Omega 3's, and plenty of sunshine. I charge $3/lbs but never charge more than $15/bird. I try to dress out all birds between 5 & 6 lbs. Birds for this summer will be ready about the second week in July. If I sell out I can do another round after that and they should be ready by early September. Please pre-order so that I can plan how many to do this summer. All chickens are butchered on the farm and you are welcome to take part if you wish. Call us to check out what promotions we are currently doing. For lamb, I sell Navaho Churros, totally grass fed with a few apples given during the falland comfrey through the winter. I charge $75/ lamb. I'll never be certified organic but I do hold myself to as strict of standards as I possibly can. You are welcome to visit the farm and check it out yourself. A

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