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Hi we are Chaljeri Meats, located in Callicoon, NY. We raise Red and Black Angus and Herefords on NOTHING more than sun drenched grass/pasture. We also raise organic pork (not heritage). We are excited to raise the Grass Fed beef and pork and working to deliver local, healthy meat to the community. Our desire to know where and how our food is produced, has been an underlying and driving theme. We also run a CSA in NYC, making our proteins even more accessible to ALL families. Never charging any CSA fee's or deliveries fee's for we feel that, that money money can better be spent on the proteins to feed the families and individuals making the purchase. We are so proud of our hard work and of our herds. All we want to reach our community and make healthy, non adulterated food available to all. NO hormones NO steroids NO antibiotics NO GMO's NO wheat NO corn NO soy NO animal by products Nothing more than sun drenched pasture, organic produce grown by us, salt minerals and plenty of fresh water from the land itself. We use holistic methods to manage both the herds and the land. Practicing rotational grazing has allowed us to preserve the environment and ecology around us and providing super healthy grasses and legumes to our animals. So much so that very soon we will add lamb and eggs to our inventory. All grown on pasture ONLY and by us! Any questions or comments please EMAIL us. Our community organizer- Grace, will get back to you asap! She's really good at getting back to all the emails. Most of the time she answers the emails so fast that she even surprises us. Thanks so much for taking time to get to know us and for possibly sourcing your proteins and eggs from us. See you soon! Chaljeri Meats

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