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We are continuing to strive for the best healthiest crops and animals as possible. We have turned the farm over from conventional farming to better than organic. We currently have 40 acres of hay planted. We are working towards building our Garden Of Edon and are slowly bringing animals in. We have much to do but are confident it will happen in time. We are working to bring the land and soil back to the way God intended it to be. We are currently selling our hay and eggs and hope to use the profit for furthering our goals with bringing in fencing, barns and animals. Our hay consists of Kora Tall Fescue, Laura Meadow Fescue, Atlas Orchard Grass, Tenho Timothy and King Fisher 444 Alfalfa. These are small bales weighing between 50-60 lbs. Our eggs are soy free, non gmo, free range eggs.

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