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Back Home Farm is a small scale farm committed to growing food sustainably for the surrounding community and region. A sustainable farm requires that we make stewardship of the soil and the farm's natural resources our top priority. We are also committed to our community...we desire to provide fresh, locally grown produce to citizens of central Alabama at competitive prices. We also hope to regularly provide and serve the needs of local residents by donating produce to local food shelters and ministries that are centered in Coosa, Talladega, and Tallapoosa Counties. We started farming in 2011 and have approximately 25 varieties of vegetables, including some heirloom and open pollinated cultivars. This year, we have initiated our CSA program and registration is open until March 1 (please call after March 1 for last-minute openings). The CSA program will serve Sylacauga, Birmingham, north Atlanta, and possibly other locations. Details can be found on the "Our Harvest" link of our website: In addition, we've added fresh eggs to our production (available March 15th 2012) as well as including shiitake and oyster mushrooms (available September 2012). Other future products will include grass fed goat, sheep, and cattle.

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