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We offer goat shares on our family farm for your raw goat milk needs year round. You buy a share of a goat and board it on the farm and get the raw goat milk from your animal. Also available are breeding stock, meat goats, 4H stock, and pets. Country Winds Creamery makes farmstead goat cheese for retail, wholesale, stores, markets, and restaurants. The goat cheese we offer are Chevre, flavored Chevre, Feta, Crottin, Gouda, Cheddar, and Tomme. Our feeding practices are organic, natural, Non GMO, humane, rotated pasture, no drugs, no hormones, composted own manure for fertilizer, and no vaccinations. We have interested people come for a farm tour to see and learn more of what we are about for the shares. Cheese can be purchased at local stores, farm, and Eataly Chicago. Please make an appointment for a farm tour.

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