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Welcome to Angry Hippie Farms, LLC. We are a family-owned farm located under 5 miles from Downtown Tipp City, OH. We specialize in seasonal honey which comes from our own hives and eggs from our free range chickens. We also have alfalfa/clover/grass hay from our 7 acre field. We make every effort to follow natural farming practices that produce products that we want to consume ourselves. We allow our chickens free access to the outside and provide them with grass, yard clippings, and table scraps. We do give them a commercial layer ration to ensure that they are getting enough protein to be happy and healthy. We also make every effort to not use antibiotics on our livestock unless absolutely necessary, and we have been fortunate enough that we haven't had to yet. Our bees are one of our true passions. We strive to raise locally raised survivor stock that thrive with little human interaction. There are some beekeepers that will treat their hives for a multitude of problems whether they need them or not. We do not follow these management practices. The wax is like a sponge and absorbs all these chemicals. Our bees are left mostly to do as nature intended. We ensure they have a good home with plenty of forage and they reward us with lots of deliciously sweet honey.

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