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We produce RAW honey from chemical-free wildflowers (NO pesticides and NO fertilizers are applied in the bees' gathering area). The bees are located in the Angeles National Forest in northern Los Angeles County, CA. Black Button Sage and Buckwheat are the two primary wildflower honeys produced by Bill's Bees. We take our bees to almond orchards during the bloom in February to help with almond pollination. In some years there is enough almond blossom honey to harvest, a unique honey with a 'tangy' flavor. We also take bees to orange tree orchards in the CA citrus belt during the bloom in April and produce cut comb honey during the sage bloom. These honeys are all unique and difficult to find in your typical grocery store. We also make handmade beeswax soaps, lip balm, lotion bars, and candles. Our new notoriety: Bill's Bees was featured in the August 2008 issue of "Los Angeles Magazine", "Best of LA" issue for "Best Local Honey".

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