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Dubberly's Seafood has been shrimping along the Georgia Coast over 30 years. Three generations harvest, package, and sell fresh and fresh-frozen, wild-caught shrimp. We are a certified Wild Georgia Shrimp facility and only sell shrimp meeting these high quality standards. We are also the first shrimp harvester certified to participate in the Georgia Grown program. *If you are interested in having Sweet Savannah Shrimp shipped to your home or business, please email us for addtional information. We guarantee our shrimp to be free of the harmful antibiotics that have recently been found with inspections of imported, pond-grown shrimp. Our facility is HACCP compliant with regular inspections by the U.S. FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Monterey Bay Aquarium recommends wild-caught, white and brown shrimp from the Atlantic coast. The National Marine Fisheries Institute reports that 1) population levels of white shrimp are high, and overfishing is not occurring, 2) commercial fisheries for shrimp continue to reduce the impacts of bycatch of non-target species, including sea turtles and red snapper, 3) shrimp is low in saturated fat and is a very good source of protein, selenium, and vitamin B12, and 4) only about 10% of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. are captured.

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