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Our farm is named after the the chemical compound allicin, which is responsible for the broad based anti-bacterial properties found in garlic. We truly believe that we are not only growing great food, but medicine as well. Needless to say, after studying under my uncle and one of the organic food movements pioneers there is no other option for growing other than what is now termed as organic and biodynamic. We do not certify ourselves in any manner, but we do feel that it is the responsibility of everyone to fully investigate where their food comes from. That is why we encourage anyone to come visit our beautiful farm and see how clean our food really is.

We have a small farm in which we are so excited to finally produce something on commercially after years of working for others. Seventeen years of organic growing experience under the master David Ronniger has defined our attention to quality. We have a small sustainable family garden, chickens, and a large crop of garlic. We hope you will support our endeavor to provide the people with the all powerful food and medicinal allium sativum. Thank you, Ben and Claire Ronniger

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