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Our motto is "Natural Foods Grown Naturally!" We are a small family farm (40 acres) specializing in heirloom plants and heritage breeds. We use natural remedies to control weeds, insects and livestock pests. There are no insecticides, no pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO, no growth hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics. Even our water supply is natural - no fluoride, no chlorine. Our farm-produced products include bedding plants in the spring; vegetables, melons and fruits in their season; fryer and roaster chickens from late spring through the fall; turkeys for thanksgiving; and chicken eggs year-around. Goats, roasting ducks and duck eggs are available but must be ordered. A limited supply of goat meat is available. All of our poultry and livestock free-range on 20 acres of natural pasture. We are not organic or natural certified. We do not need the government to tell us how nature intended for food to be grown.

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