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Arrowhead Beef LLC was founded in 2010. We produce Florida grass-fed beef that is raised on small family farms and harvested locally in a very small USDA establishment that we operate. Since commercial distribution does not typically work well with small farm producers, we established our own sales and distribution organization to sell and market Arrowhead Beef in a few green markets throughout Florida. Today, a large part of our sales is sold on-line, direct to consumer, and delivered by UPS. Herd Life Harmony is our creed, a promise which defines how our growers raise the cattle destined to become Arrowhead grass-fed beef. In this relationship, cattle are never sent to feedlots or exposed to any industrial beef production. Our small family farms raise a finite quantity of cattle each year so great care goes into doing things the best way we know how. Raised on sustainable family farms in NW Florida 100% grass-fed and finished, locally Never sent to feedlots or any industrial beef production Parthenais cattle breed very lean and tender Never given hormones No antibiotics Humanely harvested and dry aged for 21 days Expertly hand cut, from the rail, not a box Portioned and individually quick frozen Sold online and ships direct to you.

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