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Ours is a family-operated ranch in the hills of El Cajon about 30 min. from beautiful San Diego, CA. Because this is a small operation, we are able to give all of our alpacas plenty of individual attention and lots of love. These adorable animals are a part of our family, and we provide them with the utmost professional veterinarian care and the finest feed and vitamin supplements, as well as plenty of exercise and fresh air. We are very conscientious in developing long-term, one-on-one relationships with our (human) clients, because we view the placement of our alpacas as more than just a business transaction -- it is literally an adoption, We are available any time, day or night, for assistance, training, and follow-up advice long after the sale to ensure that you have continuous, reliable support. Our bottom line; WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and will do everything possible to ensure that you and your animals thrive. This follow-up care is one of our biggest selling points- a feature that most large breeders cannot offer.

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