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On our farm we specialize in growing Italian heirloom varieties of vegetables. We favor organic agricultural practices that exclude the use of conventional pesticides or fertilizers. Our produce is grown using sustainable, biologically based principles. We believe that treating the land, soil, and water with love and respect will yield the best tasting most nutritious produce to share with our city, community, family, and friends. Amalfi Gardens operates under the umbrella of the BEAN Project (Beginning Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Network) at what is called the Kinsman Farm. The program was funded through Grant money by The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the City of Cleveland and we work in conjunction with the Ohio State University Extension, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the West Creek Land Preservation Committee and Burton Bell Car Development Corporation. All of the farm businesses in this program have complete access to the Agricultural experts at the Ohio State University Extension for all matters concerning a farm business. Amalfi Gardens is proud to be a part of such an innovative urban farm model. While fulfilling our entrepreneurial vision we hope to help close some of the gap in the "food desert" that is present in the surrounding neighborhoods. Internships and learning opportunities available.

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