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In 2005, I turned a family tradition of growing garlic into Annie's Garlic. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and dedication to improving the soil quality is the basis for providing exceptional specialty and heirloom garlics grown, harvested and packaged by hand to ensure the highest quality and flavor direct from our small farm to your kitchen. By specializing only in garlic, our focus is growing premium garlic bulbs of all ten genetic types, to give you a variety of garlic flavors ranging from wonderfully sweet and savory to a fiery heat that grows in depth and intensity. I offer a range of pure garlic products: fresh spring garlic greens in May and June, Garlic Scapes in June and July, Premium Garlic Bulbs, Garlic Braids, and Gift Boxes starting in August, Garlic Powder and Granules throughout the year, and Black Garlic throughout the year.

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