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Flat Tack Farm is a small scale farm nestled within the serene vineyard setting of Heathen Estate in Vancouver, Washington. We specialize in growing a wide variety of produce, all without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers; while focusing on improving the land to a healthier state using holistic, organic practices. We are powered by hope for a healthier future, love of delicious and nutritious food, and a will to create a garden that gives back more to the earth than it is taking out. Our current cultivated area is just under an acre and is farmed using intensive methods. We will be focusing on no-till and integrating Permaculture (permanent agriculture: creating natural eco-systems designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient) practices into our gardens. We are focusing on growing heirloom, rare and unique varieties of produce. Farm tours available by appointment. ***2020 CSA membership NOW OPEN! Details at***

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