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We are a small family run operation that focuses on growing garlic. We recently have expanded production to include naturally grown heirloom vegetables including eggplant, squash, cantaloupe, tomatoes and a wide variety of sweet and hot peppers. We hire no additional help and all of our labor is performed by family members and close friends. We specialize in garlic and have spent a great deal of time experimenting with different varieties that will grow well in the deep south. Our mild winters and short springs are not conducive for conventional garlic cultivation nor the traditional varieties offered by many northern growers. At Envie' Garlic we have identified several varieties of garlic which will produce consistently for the southern grower. Every one of our cloves are hand planted and harvested the same way to ensure the high quality of our garlic bulbs. We do not use any chemical products including insecticides or herbicides, all of our soil amendments and fertilizers are certified organic and that includes our cover crops and original seed stock. We practice sustainable agricultural methods to preserve the integrity and viability of our soil.

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