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Blue Moon Pastures is a collaboration between two farms. My husband Jason, and I live in Silver Lake on the farm his grandparents owned. We raise pasture-fed chickens on local feed (organic but not certified). Chickens are moved into pasture pens at about 2 weeks of age and moved daily for access to fresh grass and bugs. The first batch of chickens is due to be butchered the first week of June 2012 and picked up on the farm. They are 2.75/lb This year we are also raising pastured Heritage Turkeys.. Supplies are limited, so order yours ASAP. They are $3 /lb. Anne's parents, Dennis and Sue Puschmann, live about 10 miles North of Hutchinson where Sue grew up. They raise vegetables and raspberries. They also raise chickens, and are taking orders for Heritage Pork to be processed late fall. We hope to hear from you. Our website isn't updated so we have the facebook page as our website temporarily. Like us for updates and to follow the farm activities over the summer!

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