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Chehalis Valley Farm is a small, 50-acre farm located along the river in the Chehalis Valley, outside of Elma, Washington. Our mission is to produce the highest quality, most nutritious meats possible using humane and regenerative practices. Our chickens are raised on pasture and moved twice a day to provide them with a natural diet of green plants, insects and worms. With our WSDA-inspected processing facility, we can process our birds on site, minimizing their stress and discomfort and maximizing their quality and freshness. We raise our pigs in the forest where they can roam, forage and dig as they like, just as nature intended! We practice rotational grazing which is beneficial for the forest by helping to aerate the soil and control invasive plant species and essential to the health of our animals for parasite and disease control. We use only the best feed to supplement our animals' forage diet. Our feed is non-GMO, as well as corn and soy free. We have developed a relationship with a farmer in Eastern Washington who grows and sources the materials for his feed from like-minded farmers who us no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our animals are never feed hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We truly believe that a reconnection with our food and a return to local food sourcing is essential to the health of our community and to the health of our local economy. Happy, healthy animals taste better and are better for you!

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