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At Cherry Gate Farm we allow our well-loved (and individually named) chickens to free range our property all year long, sun or snow. Please feel free to swing by and share in the bounty of our extra eggs. We regularly add our extras to our road side cooler stand daily. We suggest to email for availability before stopping by. Our flock is raised without any medicated feed, medications or other chemicals/hormones. They regularly eat grass, flowers/pods, weeds and bugs on our property. They are supplemented with nutritious layer food along with healthy scraps such as veggie trimmings, sunflower seeds, and kefir. Free range eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol and saturated fat, and 2-6x more omega-3, vitamin A, E and D than conventional eggs. With our love for chickens it goes without saying that they are given a lot of TLC in general. Their nesting boxes are built and situated such that it almost completely eliminates contamination issues (like some nest boxes allow). We have not had any health issues with our chickens to date. We have an extremely high and healthy hatch rate with our broody chicks too, and have not lost one yet. We (and our pets) happily eat our eggs raw or cooked as we trust the health and safety of the whole process. We hope you enjoy them any which way, too!

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