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Bryant Family Farm is a family-owned farm in Jackson County, Kansas. We provide a healthy alternative to commercially-produced meat, egg, and dairy products. BEEF ~ 100% chemical-free grass and hay is given to our steers, making their meat more nutritious and high in CLA than conventional beef. BROILERS ~ We move our hormone-free poultry to fresh pasture twice daily. Their custom-mixed feed includes needed nutrients and vitamins; thus, our tender broilers are a nutritional feast. TURKEY ~ The tender and moist meat of these turkeys will be a delightful addition to your holiday tradition, leaving no worries about harmful hormones or chemicals. PORK ~Pasture-raised and fed a special blend feed supplied by a local organic farmer, our pigs are cared for by Nathan. His hogs are nutritious, tasty, and tender meat for your family. LAMB ~Jonathan's cute herd of sheep enjoy pasture, shepherded from predators by our Great Pyrenees dog. GOAT MILK ~ We have fresh, hand-milked sweet goat milk available. Contact us in advance to order your milk or set up a regular pick-up schedule. COW MILK ~ Our raw Jersey cow milk has lots of cream on top in order to make your favorite ice cream, whipped cream or butter. CHEESE ~ Our delicious goat and cow milk cheeses are made fresh from our cow and goat milk. We make feta, chevre, and mozzarella cheeses. EGGS ~ Our hens forage on pasture each day, and produce wonderful, tasty eggs. Your Farm Hands: Tom & Dana ~ Sarah ~ Nathan ~ Jonathan ~ Rachael ~ Samuel

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