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We are a small hobby farm in the Tennessee Valley, where South African farmer Bertus & his wife Initia farm with vegetables and animals, living the dream of being self sufficient. We currently have a dedicated 1 acre garden and 2 hoop houses under construction. We have free range chickens - all brown egg layers! We raise pigs for the freezer, allowing them to route and play in their pen. We also have 2 Nigerian Dwarf and 3 Kiko/Boer goats for brush control. Our goal for 2013 is to expand our garden to include a variety of berries and grapes, to bring our hoop houses up to 5, to expand our goat herd to 10, and to raise another 2 hogs for the freezer. We are planning to open a farm stand this spring where we will sell our produce, eggs, berries, and seedlings.

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