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Here at Country Pleasures Farms we grow heirloom tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables chemical free. We continue to build our soil using our grass fed aged manure, kelp, peat, beneficial microbes, compost tea and cover crops. We do not use chemical pesticides or herbicides. We offer true pasture raised eggs, limited amounts of naturally pasture chickens and handcrafted soaps. All of our poultry are given an organic and grain based NON GMO feed. NO Antibiotics or drugs are ever used. All poultry also receive Bokashi........Benefits of Bokashi * Improve microbiologically the quality of the water and enriches it with beneficial substances such as amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that better the digestibility and nutrient assimilation of the animals. * Eliminate undesirable odor from excrete. * Equilibrate the micro-flora within the intestines of the birds and consequently improve the feed conversion and weight gain due to increase in nutrient assimilation. * Reduce the production of methane within the stomach thereby consequently improves the animals eating habits. * Reduce the incidence of diarrhea By means of simple spraying or fermentation of the food components of the birds, it is possible to improve the availability of nutrients that allows for a more efficient nutrition to the animals. As a result, it is possible to: * Increase the weight gain with the same feed consumption up to 67g per day. * Reduce the mortality rate. * Improve bird health and quality of meat through the reduction of cholesterol (i.e up to 17%). * Produce heavier eggs ( +3.7%) with a much darker-colored yolk due to better carotene synthesis; a more consistent egg white due to improved synthesis of albumin and a harder shell due to better assimilation of calcium. * 6.5% increase in size of eggs. ** See more information at **Heirloom tomatoes, organically produced jams & preserves available. Thanks!

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