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Alexander Blueberry Farms is a family-owned and operated farm. We offer low prices on sweet, juicy and delicious Texas grown fresh and frozen blueberries. We are located in East Texas in Panola County. Normally, harvest starts the first week in June and continues through mid-July. Call first to verify we are open. During harvest we have fresh and frozen blueberries available. Frozen blueberries can be purchased year-round. Fresh blueberries are $2.00 per pint or $22.00 per flat. A flat contains 12 pints. Frozen grade A blueberries are $1.50/pound. The frozen blueberries are packed in poly-lined cardboard boxes and they contain 30 pounds of berries. During harvest you can purchase frozen berries in any amount. We offer a discount for frozen berries purchased in bulk. Contact us for details. We also have grade B blueberries available. Frozen berries can also be picked up in Dallas at the cold storage warehouse we use.

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